Testimonials for the Light version Magpie Trip Trap

Note: The Light version Magpie Trip Trap is no longer in production. Its light weight zinc electroplated finish didn't meet Neale's high standards for durability, so it was removed from the line up.

“Fantastic trap. 41 magpies and counting. All from the front lawn. Highly recommended.” 
Brett, October 2015

“I caught 40 magpies in the first weekend. Works very good thankyou.”
Steve, October 2015

“Amazing purchase, quick delivery. Extremely happy with the trap..unbelievable results straight away. Caught 12 Magpies in 5 days! Cleared the population around our property so quickly and easily. Highly recommend this ingenious product.”
Sonja, October 2015

“Great trap thank you!, numbers are now diminishing. Recommend this product, arrives with instructions and bait!” 
Amanda, March 2015

“The trap is working very well, with 28 magpies in one week already. I’m finding that cat biscuits are a great bait.”
Davis and Melinda, March 2015

“Great trap. 3 magpies in 3 days. What a well thought out trap.”
Lawrence, 21 April 2015

“25 magpies and still going.”
Peter, 6th Sept 2014

"Got the trap ok thanks. It is in use with one of your old models. Best tally for two traps is 10 a day."   
Jonathon, Sept 2014 

“I recommend this trader. The trap was damaged in transit. It was replaced without question. The traps are great. I have caught 25 magpies in the first 5 days.”
Alan, August 2014

“Great product. caught offending birds in the first set and problem solved!!” 
Wayne, July 2014