TrapWorks is owned and operated by Neale Blaymires.
With many years of practical trapping experience under his belt, Neale Blaymires has designed a range of easy to use live capture pest traps, all marketed under the Trip Trap brand name.

It all began in 1998 with the Magpie Trip Trap. After a decade in production, the original 1998 version was superseded in 2009 by the improved Model 2 Magpie Trip Trap, which is currently in made in the Full and Basic versions. For a short period a Light version Magpie Trip Trap was in production, however the light zinc electroplated finish used for this trap wasn't a fraction as durable as a thick hot dip galvanising, so it was dropped from the line. Neale believes his traps should last for decades in the great outdoors, and you should be able to hand them on to the grandkids.

A steady run of innovative traps continues to roll off the design board, including the Model 2 Cat Trip Trap in 2011, the Pukeko & Possum Trip Trap in 2012, the Peacock Trip Trap in 2014, and the Key Locking Cat Trip Trap in 2015.

All the traps are manufactured in New Zealand to ensure high standards of construction and to allow incremental design improvements. Neale Blaymires exhibits every year at the National Agricultural Fieldays and gets to hear first hand how the traps are used by customers. That user feedback is incorporated back into the trap designs, which is why they are the best live capture pest traps on the market.

In comparison overseas manufacturers are stuck with generic trap designs which have failed to improve over the years – leaving plenty of room to create improved traps which are easier to use and more effective at catching pests. 

Enquires about traps are welcome. You’ll be dealing directly with Neale Blaymires.

All Trip Trap designs are copyright protected and can not be copied without permission.