A. Kill pests.

B. Kill more pests.

C. When bored with the above read the following:


There are no specific warranties for products sold on this website, outside of those protections automatically offered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

If you discover your trap has a manufacturing fault which effects its operation please let Neale Blaymires know and he will replace or repair the trap at no extra cost. The customer will be asked to arrange & pay for return shipping, and will then be refunded that cost, with an extra refund to cover the time spent returning the trap.

All traps are commercially hot dip galvanised and the roughness of the zinc coating will vary from trap to trap. The zinc coating is cleaned up to remove sharp projections which might injure captured animals or the user of the trap. Please be aware that a thick zinc coating isn’t intended to win any beauty contests, and a slightly rough finish is the tradeoff for a trap which will endure decades of service out in the wild.

The trap door spring is currently zinc electroplated and reasonably durable, however it will not match the longevity of the rest of the hot dip galvanised trap. Earlier trap door springs had a paint finish and are much less durable. If your door spring (either electroplated or painted) has failed please let Neale know and he will send a replacement spring and mounting rivets for just the cost of postage. 

Sometimes springs may be bent by ‘untrained novice operators’ (i.e. rough idiots), or by cows standing on the trap entrance. Again let Neale know and a spring can be sent for the cost of postage.

This spring replacement offer also extends to the tension springs used in earlier version Magpie Trip Traps (before June 2009), which sometimes get wrecked when larger animals are caught inside the trap. 

Neale can not guarantee that you will be able to trap your target animals. Trapping is reliant on the skill and perseverance, which includes selecting attractive food baits, keeping traps freshly baited and selecting good trap locations. In addition animals are highly variable in their behaviour and food preferences, so a setup that catch one particular animal may not catch the other. You may also encounter animals which are trap shy and reluctant to enter a trap. It’s like a buying a rifle: No matter how good the rifle, it comes down to marksmanship when placing a bullet somewhere in the middle of that barn door.


Cancellations, returns and refunds:
If you have made a mistake in ordering you may cancel the order at any time, provided it is done before the item is shipped. A full refund will be made, less any website payment transaction fees which may apply.

Returns: Returns will be accepted provided the item has not been used by the customer and is returned in good condition. A full refund will be made, less the original cost of shipping.

Refunds: Refunds will be made on a case by case basis, at the discretion of Neale Blaymires.


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the trap being supplied can be legally imported into their country. Neale Blaymires is not aware of any restrictions on the import & export of live capture pest traps. The cost of any import duties or similar is the responsibility of the customer.


Consumer data privacy
Customer information, including addresses, phone numbers and items ordered, are not shared with any organisation outside of TrapWorks. 

No customer data is kept in cloud storage.

All devices, web sites and email servers holding customer data are protected from unauthorised access with secure, unique passwords.


Business location
Proudly New Zealand, and even more proudly Rural New Zealand.

TrapWorks is located out in the countryside between Te Puke and Welcome Bay, Tauranga. So much the better for testing traps against the pests which eat our native species.


Transmission of payment card data
Credit card payments are processed by CyberCom Pay, which complies with global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI PTS 3.x). Data is SSL encrypted and securely transferred to their monitored secure servers.