Testimonials for the Full version Magpie Trip Trap

“Very pleased - works well, fantastic set up and trap. Everyone with magpies hanging around needs one of these.”
Alistair, October 2015

“My second trap and it's working well. Thanks again for this line of quality products.”
Jonathan, March 2015

“The trap does work. Superbly! Caught 24 magpies in just over a week.”
Geoffrey, February 2015

"Fantastic trap - easy to use. So far caught 40+ magpies in 2 weeks."
Colleen, October 2014 

"Great advice on how to use trap. 23 magpies caught in four days."
Mark, September 2014

"Your product is brilliant, we've been dispatching 2 - 3 pests per day!"   
Evelyn, January 2014 

"Terrific results, 23 already in 2 1/2 days."
Susan, August 2013 

“I caught a magpie within half an hour of setting the trap.” 
Lesley, March 2013

“Awesome buy, caught 11 in 3 days.”
Maria, December 2012

“First day using the magpie trap and bingo a Magpie. Thanks for the trap.”
Jenni, December 2012

“Will buy another one soon. Has trapped 101 and still going. Thank u very much.”
Sandra, November 2012

“An excellent trader to deal with - the magpie trap is also awesome - 40 magpies in 2 weeks of setting the trap and could have had more, if we'd been emptying it multiple times during the day.”
Kaye, September 2012

“Great trader and great product. Caught first magpie within 2hrs of setting trap. Many more since. Thanks.”
Russell, August 2012

“Had the trap ten days and caught 26 maggies so far. Very good and happy as larry. Thanks.”
Maria, September 2011

“Excellent trade.  Trap turned up as described and had trapped birds within half an hour of being set.”
Chris, August 2011.

“Fast delivery, well packaged.  A very well made trap with secure but sensitive door trigger.  A great product.” 
Brent, June 2011

“Highly recommend.  We caught 7 magpies in a day and a half, and are still catching a couple a day!  Great product!!!” 
Gaylene, December 2010.

“Thanks. A good trap. These magpies like looking at themselves in the mirror, just so funny to watch. Cheers.” 
Viv, November 2011

“Thanks for the trap - worked a treat 5 magpies in the first 3 days.”
Damian, October 2010

“Caught 2 very troublesome magpies in first 2 day's usage. Quite impressive.” 
Tom, July 2010