TrapWorks Basic version Magpie Trap

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Basic version Magpie Trip Trap for small birds

The TrapWorks Basic version Magpie Trap is a durable easy to use trap which eliminates entire magpie flocks, plus mynas & pigeons.

How does it work?
No call bird is needed. Instead, food is used to lure magpies inside the trap. Even if you have hundreds of magpies cursing your property, this trap can deal to them within weeks.

Setting the trap is easy. Just open the door and the trigger automatically sets. When magpies enter and stand on the floor mounted treadle, the door slams shut. To get the birds out, open the door just far enough to reach underneath and grab the magpie around the body. A light pair of gloves is recommended as they have sharp bits which will draw blood.

A permanent weatherproof label mounted on top carries expert instructions for catching magpies, giving advice on food baits and where to set the trap.

The hot dip galvanising provides a thick protective layer of zinc, so the trap will last for decades in the great outdoors.

The TrapWorks line of magpie traps have been in production since 1998, with thousands of happy customers, and many more unhappy magpies.

Customer Feedback

  • "Awesome trap 30+ magpies in first 2 weeks." 
    Anthony, November 2015
  • "Running out of magpies! Seriously good piece of kit, have even started to clear out the hedgehogs with it! Don't underestimate how quickly the birds come back once the Magpies have been banished."
    Brendon, October 2015
  • "great advice and top trap - caught 3 magpies with first setting!"  
    Roger,  August 2015 
  • "The trap is fantastic, we have caught 16 magpies to date and they are still coming in!!"   
    Sonya, August 2015
  • "caught 8 magpies in 4 days It works really good"   
    Lindsay, June 2015 

800mm long by 300mm high by 300mm wide. Weight 5 kg.

Free delivery within New Zealand.

Out of Stock