TrapWorks Peacock Trap

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peacock peafowl  trap
Peacock peafowl trap
peacock cage trap
pukeko trap

The extra height of the TrapWorks Peacock Trap allows full sized peacocks to comfortably walk inside, with a 40mm gap underneath the door leaving plenty of room for the peacock's long tail to project outside when the door slams shut.

The trap is baited with maize meal laid outside the trap, inside the trap entrance, and a good handful in the rear. When the peacock reaches for the tasty food at the back of the trap, it stands on the floor mounted treadle and the door slams shut behind it. The door has double springs to ensure no peacock gets away.

Setting the trap is easy: Just use one hand to open the door and the trigger mechanism automatically engages.

Peahens and young peafowl will be the first to enter the trap, followed by the larger adult peacocks. 

The trap will also catch cats and pukeko. If you wish to target smaller animals such as ferrets and stoats, the gap under the door must be closed off with a small block of wood wired in place.

The Peacock Trap is constructed from sturdy mesh with midsection reinforcing frames, and is hot dip galvanized for durability.

800mm long by 300mm wide by 400mm high.  Weight: 6.5 Kg

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