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The Professional Cat Trip Trap

  • Takes only one hand to set, with automatic setting trigger.

  • Escape proof, even for the biggest cat.

  • Sensitive enough to detect rats and sparrows.

  • Built solid, with tough frames and a thick layer of hot dip galvanising.

  • Catches cats, possums, ferrets, stoats, hedgehogs, rats, magpies, mynahs, sparrows and finches. 

The story behind the Cat Trip Trap:
After many years trapping pests on his rural property, Neale Blaymires realized that existing cat traps came up well short in usability, robustness and trapping success. And that problem has only increased with the flood of cheap Chinese traps.  So Neale set to designing a better cat trap: resulting in the Cat Trip Trap released in 2011.

It's an easy to use, durable cage trap, manufactured here in New Zealand – which captures a full range of animal pests, including cats, possums, ferrets, stoats, rats, magpies and hedgehogs. And best of all with no escapes.

The trigger system uses a counterweighted treadle in the rear of the trap – sensitive enough for the weight of a rat or a pair of sparrows to trigger the trap.

The trap is long enough that even the largest cat can’t back out when the trap goes off. The door locking system also has a couple of extra design features which ensure the door will lock securely, even if a large cat’s tail sticks out of the entrance.

Each trap has permanent weatherproof instruction stickers mounted on top, with bait suggestions for various animal pests. A printed guide for trapping and how to dispose of captured animals is also supplied, based on Neale's many years of trapping pests.

Customer feedback:

  • “Well designed and built trap that works really well. Worth the extra for a good product.”
    Mike, 1 February 2015
  • “Cat trap is amazing - so simple to set. Solid yet extremely light for what it is which makes carrying it out and around really easy."
    LeAnne, 11 February 2015
  • "6 cats, 3 ferrets and counting. Have had real problems on the farm with pests in past and feel like we are making head way. Would recommend these traps to anyone!"
    William, 15 October 2014
  • “Excellent trade caught my first cat within a couple of hours of setting it.”
    John, 7 November 2012
  • "Caught a magpie within the first hour of setting the trap and a cat over nite."
    Lesley, 7 February 2012
  • "Fantastic trap, working wonders already! 1st 3 nights and caught a cat every night!"
    Gus, 26 April 2011

Trap dimensions:
800mm long by 300mm high. Weight 5.8 kg.

Free delivery within New Zealand and Australia.

The Cat Trip Trap design is copyright protected. © NEALE BLAYMIRES 2011

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