TrapWorks Pukeko & Possum Trap

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The TrapWorks Pukeko & Possum Trap is a compact cage trap especially designed for catching pukeko.

Native pukeko have done extremely well in New Zealand, following clearance of native bush by European settlers. The resulting open grasslands are perfect habitat and most farms will have resident populations of pukeko. However pukeko can be destructive, poking holes in plastic silage covers and defecating in farm troughs.

Pukeko are a protected native species under the Wildlife Act 1953, however they can be controlled if they cause economic damage to farms and crops. But you must get written permission first, either from the Department of Conservation or Fish & Game.

The trap also works well for similar sized animals such as possums and rabbits, but shouldn’t be used to target cats, as the trap is not long enough to reliably catch large cats.

Setting the trap is easy. Just use one hand to open the door and the trigger system automatically engages. When an animal enters and stands on the floor mounted treadle, the door slams shut behind it. 

Bait suggestions:

  • Pukeko: Whole maize kernels are the most effective.
  • Possums: Bait with apple or peanut butter.
  • Rabbits: Fresh silverbeet leaves or citrus leaves. They sometimes go after a other baits, such as banana, however rabbits are extremely shy of cage traps. You’ll catch some but not all.
  • Magpies: Fatty food, such as butter, beef dripping or Chefade cooking fat.
  • Stoats and ferrets: Eggs, smoked fish or fresh rabbit meat.

Case study - the Weka Love Shack:
In May 2015 a batch of 36 Pukeko & Possum Traps were loaned to Tauranga Forest & Bird to catch 20 weka from Opotiki for release into the Kaimai Aongatete Forest. The weka initially lived in a purpose built pen while they got acclimatised to their new surroundings. Read the Tauranga Forest & Bird newsletter to see the Weka Love Shack.

Trap dimensions:
560mm long by 300mm high. Weight 3.6 kg.

Built to last, with hot dip galvanizing and robust steel end frames.

Free delivery within New Zealand.

The TrapWorks Pukeko & Possum Trap design is copyright protected. © NEALE BLAYMIRES 2012

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