Testimonials for the Professional Cat Trip Trap

“Very effective cage trap, simple to use, so far caught 2 cats and 2 hedgehogs in just over a week. The chooks haven't bothered going in it even though it's right next to their house. Very good product.”
Michelle, May 2015

“Well designed and built trap that works really well. Worth the extra for a good product.”
Mike, 1 February 2015

“Cat trap is amazing - so simple to set. Solid yet extremely light for what it is which makes carrying it out and around really easy."
LeAnne, 11 February 2015

"Awesome!!! 6 cats, 3 ferrets and counting. Have had real problems on the farm with pests in past and feel like we are making head way. Would recommend these traps to anyone!"
William, 15 October 2014

“Excellent trade caught my first cat with in a couple of hours of setting it.”
John, 7 November 2012

"Caught a magpie within the first hour of setting the trap and a cat over nite."
Lesley, 7 February 2012

“Excellent trade caught my first cat with in a couple of hours of setting it.”
John, November 2012

“The trap is a cat magnet - highly recommended!!!”
Scott, November 2011

“Fantastic trap, working wonders already! 1st 3 nights and caught a cat every night! Thanks heaps.”
Gus, April 2011.

“Great trap! Caught our first wild tomcat this morning, within 12 hours of setting it.” 
Jenny, November 2010

“Magnificent trap!  It works perfectly. Easy and effective.  Caught a wild cat the first night of operation, and another three nights later.  It won't be long before they are all cleaned up. The native birds are getting a breather now.” 
Simon, September 2010